Splunk and Data Analytics: Make a Difference, not an Inference

By: Michael L’Abbe

Take a look at the gas gauge below.

Now try and guess how many more miles you can drive before you’re out of gas. 100 miles? 105 miles? It’s impossible to know for sure. Now take a look at the at the second gauge below.

137 miles at 12 miles per gallon. Precise.

Now wouldn’t it be great if you could have something like that for your business? Think about how much more quickly you could make decisions, and how much time you would save not having to search through databases just to get a simple piece of information. That’s where Splunk comes in.

Splunk takes raw data stored in almost any format (e.g. files, databases), say the car has half a tank of gas, and turns it into valuable and precise information, like having half a tank means you can drive 137 miles. Such access to valuable information provides endless possibilities to any entrepreneur. You can better analyze and anticipate trends, provide relevant services for your clients, and mitigate potential risks, just for starters.

Not only does Splunk turn water into wine, it packs in into a neat looking bottle as well. You can use a number of visual tools to represent this information, from pie charts, to bar graphs, to gauges, to choropleth maps, there are a seemingly infinite number of illustrations to choose from.

Splunk can help your business stay one step ahead of market developments and make quick, informed, and definitive decisions. The number of benefits Splunk can provide are only limited by your own creativity. So, you have to ask yourself, do you want to stay ahead of the race, or fall behind?

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