Splunk For Online Businesses: A Window into the Mind

By: Michael L’Abbe

People love shopping. There’s an inherent thrill in it. Pulling the trigger and buying that one thing that you’ve always wanted can give you a feeling of pure ecstasy. With the advent of online shopping, replicating this feeling is as easy as pressing a button. If you’re an online business owner, your job is to find out just what that one thing is. But how can you possibly know what someone thinks or feels about any item without speaking with them? That’s where Splunk comes in.

Splunk allows you to see when and from where a person looked at a specific product online, what else they looked at, how long they were on the website, and even if they decided to delete an item from their shopping cart at the last minute.

With this influx of information right at your fingertips, the question becomes how can you effectively use it? There are an infinite number of ways Splunk can manipulate the data into something beneficial. For example, it can examine how convenient consumers find your website, make bar graphs showing peak purchasing times, even create a map showing the geographic locations of customers revealing where the highest concentrations of your customers are. In short, Splunk can paint you a picture of your customers.

Having that snapshot of your customers can give insight into how better to target them and draw interest to your product. When would be a good time to release that new product or run a sale? Where should you open a new distribution office to cheaply ship to your customer? The answers to these questions and more are all at your fingertips thanks to Splunk.

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