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Information Security Consulting and Services

Our team works with you to develop integrated security frameworks that provide cohesive protection to mitigate threats to information systems.

We produce custom end to end security services including threat assessments, security planning, and implement comprehensive defense systems.

Using assessments of existing processes and security gaps, we develop a stronger security posture to mitigate risks with innovative technological solutions gained from working on the front line of cyber security.

Data Analytics

We work with you to design web and mobile solutions to make your business more agile while improving their productivity and enhancing customer experience.

Our highly skilled technical team designs and deploys custom applications for web and mobile platforms based on client requirements.

By applying modern design principles with the latest in cloud, mobile, and desktop technologies, we create tailored solutions that provide intuitive functionality to your end users.

While managing the product development life cycle from planning to implementation to support and maintenance, our teams work with you to ensure our applications satisfy all your requirements.

IT Staff Augmentation

We design robust software products for asset management which enhance engagements with customers, streamline business processes, and capture and share real time data using Splunk.

Our team focuses on extending the capabilities of existing software systems to integrate new workflows, enhance security, and return data analytics.

From upgrading networks to extending the capabilities of existing information systems, our teams focus on enhancing security, integrating new workflows, and returning data analytics to make companies perform more efficiently.

We use Splunk to capture and share real time data, while designing robust software products for asset management that streamline business processes.

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Keyes Information Technology

Deciding to invest in data security isn't always a high priority among small to mid-sized businesses. Most of the time, businesses may actually think that they're less vulnerable because hackers only target the bigger companies. Unfortunately this is far from the case; an attacker may regard these smaller businesses as tempting targets precisely because they frequently lack the essential data security. KIT thrives on our high value services such as penetration testing to make sure your company is protected from outside threats - which will keep your network performing at the most efficient level possible. Our security data and analytic solutions collect, correlate, and analyze the security data you need to drastically reduce threat exposure and detect compromise in real-time; so regardless of the size of your company, give KIT a call today to see how we can keep you protected around the clock.

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